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It’s time for New Year’s resolutions.
Here we are, at another year’s end. These 365 days shared with you have seen every moment filled with personality and delicious goodness. And now once again, here we are together with our thoughts and resolutions, things both old and new. Our wish for you and ourselves… that all those dreams, fantasies, ambitions, aspirations or yearnings, whatever they may be, arrive on the wings of a year that is gentler and more generous with the whole of humankind. Our small ambition, here in Conegliano Veneto, is to improve, moment by moment, the incredible excellence we have achieved during our first 40 years! Happy New Year! Everyone!
Manuel: Christmas in sweet company.
Celebrate in a sparkling mood and raise a glass of Orgoglio De Giusti Dry or Extra Dry bubbles while you enjoy the soft coffee middle in our delectable Caffettuosi biscuits. Serve our Ghiottolo cake after a meal and make family and friends’ mouths water. Finish on a delicious note with Samtime, the creamiest coffee Sambuca. And if you want to really make your loved ones happy, don’t forget our gift boxes, with a selection of our exquisite products or our fairy-tale “tè delle meraviglie” (Tea from Wonderland) sets with teapot and 2 cups. Christmas is a-coming - have yourselves a Merry one!
Christmas is a-coming, Pausa’s on the way.
The latest edition of Pausa is on line, packed with lots of delicious news ready to bring joy to the holiday season and everyday routine. Find out all about chocolate treats in the form of different delights, learn about single-origin Ethiopia Sidamo coffee, try exciting new recipes from Manuel-addicted foodbloggers, read up on films and check out Christmas presents for the sweet of tooth and lovers of all things original. A myriad of articles for your sweet moments with Pausa.
Running to win the battle.
Manuel is running with all women in the battle against breast cancer. On 22 November at 10.00 am in San Vendemiano in the province of Treviso, Manuel will be racing alongside the ladies in the Corri in Rosa 2015 marathon, supporting them to the finishing line. And winning with all of them.
Manuel flavoured fairs
From 19 to 22 October, Manuel Caffè is showcasing its beans in Bolzano, on stand D26-18 in sector C-D at Hotel 2015, the international fair for hospitality and food service operators, excellence in the main hotel and gastronomy sector trends. Then from 23 to 27 October 2015, Manuel is spreading the aroma of coffee in Pav. 13 on stand H36 L35 at Host, the marketplace for international, quality business. Host 2015 gains added visibility thanks to its dates coinciding with the ongoing universal exposition Expo 2015. Once again this trade fair is increasingly the start of a new future.
Let your life sparkle!
The new De Giusti Prosecco film is on line. Bubbles, life and fun for this DOCG Prosecco that turns any occasion into a moment of brio and good humour. Let’s raise a glass together to life and always remember the good feeling that a glass of Prosecco De Giusti brings. Enjoy!
Tune in to our channel. is our new online communication channel. Videos are already on line of our Spazio Caffè coffee bars, rapidly becoming popular worldwide, and we will soon be uploading the biggest and chicest of new products. Make sure you too tune in to the real taste of Italian coffee.
A long hot summer.
This year there is no escaping the incredible heat, at times truly unbearable. Solutions include aircon on max, staycations and only venturing out in the evening – but we have come up with various antidotes to the heat, all totally delicious. Mouth-watering, thirst-quenching and refreshing, they include soft-ices, the ideal snack on the go, Ghiacciolo iced coffees with a hint of lemon, Frozen water ices, in coffee or fruit flavours with or without whipped cream and milk, mint and coffee Brivido frozen drinks. Without forgetting the cold version of our teas - all in really cool flavours!
Social networking to the flavour of coffee.
Coffee as a meeting, a look, a smile, an exchange and an understanding. This is the soul of the new Manuel press campaign. Various couples shown drinking a cup of coffee, sharing a moment of relaxation, chatting earnestly in “Real chat”, delicately touching one another in “Real touch” and with special intimacy in “Real sharing”. The language of social networking is thus transported into reality, enveloping everyday lives, where coffee is not virtual but can be enjoyed, black and steaming hot.
Take a pause
the new issue of Pausa magazine, dedicated to the culture of coffee, is on line. Its pages are yet another opportunity for celebration of our 40th anniversary and feature a historic gallery narrating the great passion of a family that is a symbol of Italian excellence. Also featured on the following pages are the secrets for making the perfect latte macchiato, the new press campaign all about sharing and a special mention for our creamy delights and cold teas with summer just around the corner. Happy reading!
We are proud to present Our new website, the latest chapter in the great art of wine production by the De Giusti family. The bubbles of our Prosecco are now on line, its sparkling personality proudly depicted by Orgoglio. Cheers!
Mums, mothers, moms. Happy tales from all over the world. So many, each one as unique as our mother’s love and our love for her. Every day is the perfect day for telling her. Today is her special day in Italy. Give her a special gift, full of wonderful stories and make-believe characters to warm her heart with a good cup of tea. Happy Mother’s Day!
New Jet Set.
Exclusive blends that take the senses on a journey into beauty. A new look for rounded Capriccio, full-bodied Decaroma, aromatic Sorriso and intense Dolcevita. New protective packaging to preserve all the aroma. These elite blends can now be enjoyed by everyone and are sure to win new fans.
Easter 2015
In Italy, starred chefs advise us not to abandon tradition. So this celebration of rebirth will be all about savoury Easter pies - artichokes, ricotta and eggs in a puff pastry crust. Succulent roast lamb and kid. Colomba cakes and eggs full of surprises. But at the end, right at the very end, a Capriccio coffee is what you need for a truly grand finale. This Superior Arabica in that understated little white cup will make the last piece of delicious chocolate a glorious experience. Happy Easter to all of you. Wherever you are.
8 March 2015: women on the verge.
Ladies, to help your constant pursuit of fitness and wellbeing, Manuel brings you Equilibris. A skilful reworking of the legendary Caffé della bisnonna, 50% excellent Arabica and 50% fine barley, this is the blend that allows you to enjoy a coffee break of feel-good delicateness. Also excellent for men on the verge of that nervous breakdown.
When love blooms.
A shy aniseed flower unfolds to meet the best Arabica. Love explodes and this intriguing embrace brings us SAMTIME, the new Sambuca liqueur with Manuel coffee. Fascinating after dinner, wonderful flambéed, delicious icy cold and desirable even au naturel, SAMTIME is always exciting. Just like the greatest love stories.
This great passion for chocolate.
History has seen plenty of famous names who had a true passion for chocolate. Pope Pius V was the first to create a scandal by allowing a cup of hot chocolate on fasting days. Chocolate then enticed Madame de Maintenon, wife of the Sun King, as it did the favourite ladies of Louis XV, and Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVII, always travelled with her own personal chocolatier. It seems that Voltaire drank dozens of cups of it a day, Goldoni sang its praises in his plays, Casanova used it as an aphrodisiac and, finally, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Strauss all exalted its “notes of taste”. That same captivating taste that submerges your senses when you savour a cup of Manuel hot chocolate. Creamy, thick and so luxurious. Pure dark carefully selected wellbeing or the delicate softness of white? Delicious milk or the enjoyment of hazelnut? The irresistible allure of coconut, or persuasive orange and cinnamon? Whichever flavour you choose, be ready to lick your lips!
Giving Manuel tea as a gift is a bit like giving a small piece of our world.
Essences of herbs and fruits, aromas from magical lands, blends of moods that seduce the soul and bring with them the distant echo of entire populations. Ideas for truly relaxing moments to be enjoyed with the elegant gift accessories. Happiness in the heart of the lucky recipient.
How to understand if you are drinking a good coffee.
First of all, take a good look at it because it should be a hazelnut-brown colour, neither too light nor too dark. The cream should be dense and compact enough to make the sugar sink slowly. Now smell it. If you can smell notes of cinnamon, toasted bread, tobacco, dried fruit, jasmine, biscuits, chocolate or vanilla, well done! You are on a par with top coffee tasters. The final test is taste. Does an irresistible sensation of sweetness prevail? You have before you an excellent espresso. You deserve it!
Let’s raise a glass of Orgoglio.
This new extra dry Prosecco from the vines in Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, cultivated by the Giusti family down through the generations, is the colour of the sun and perfect with strong flavours. So fill your glass and join us in a toast!
Fruit teas: nice with ice!
Their names alone are enough to tickle the thirsty taste buds of the summer crowd: Brezza estiva (Summer breeze), Profumi alpini (Alpine fragrances), Rossa passione (Red passion), Fonte dissetante (Refreshing spring), Sapore mediterraneo (Taste of the Mediterranean), Sogno d’Amore (Dream of Love), Tesori del Bosco (Treasures from the Forest), Notte d’Oriente (Night in the Orient), Coccole invernali (Winter cuddles) and Jasmine Tea. Special flavours with that extra something and mouth-watering aroma, prepared as and when needed. A frozen winner.
Summer Capriccio
The reworking of a traditional blend, Capriccio ticks all the boxes for delighting today's palates. A blend of unique quality, comprising a large percentage of Arabica and carefully selected Robusta to guarantee unexpected creaminess. Enjoy it during August!
Coffee for a hot summer. A frisson of flavour with the new Frozen water-ice. A unique consistency, comparable to real Sicilian water-ices, ready to be enriched with good Manuel espresso coffee, a good mood, desire and whirls of whipped cream.
The new issue of Pausa is on line!
This time round we look at refreshing ideas by Manuel – the best way to welcome summer, the new opening of the big SpazioCaffè in Villesse in the province of Gorizia, with its completely new, reworked layout and the rediscovery of products that are still totally up-to-date, without forgetting in-depth articles and features dedicated to the world of coffee. Here comes Summer... with Pausa!
11 May 2014. Every mother is a fairy tale mother and on her special day she deserves a present that really ticks all the boxes. Here for her are the new cups from Il tè delle Meraviglie (Tea from Wonderland). Fantastic worlds for collecting, taking you into the magic of a thousand surprising aromas. Ideas and emotions that transmit the warmth of a sentiment that is unique the world over. Let me tell you how much I love you, mum, with a Manuel gift.
Easter 2014
My dreams were filled with a big coloured egg. A gift for all people all over the world with surprises inside for each different country. It contained wisdom, tenderness, altruism, goodness and plenty of joy; there was also peace and so much love, to fill every heart. Wishing you all a Happy Easter from Manuel.
8 March 2014: Caffettuosi biscuits instead of mimosa.
This year let’s celebrate lady’s day with a coffee-flavoured gesture of affection. Let’s give heart-shaped Caffettuosi made to an old recipe using the most exquisite Manuel coffee, good milk, flour, butter, eggs and sugar. Baked in a wood-fired oven to give a fragrant delight perfect for sharing with the one you love at any time of day. Happy 8 March!
Here comes the new Pausa!
The new issue of Pausa is out now, full of interesting content for professionals and consumers. From the special dedicated to the launch of our new line of tea, featuring a fairytale image, right through to the cultural feature talking all about coffee roasting and our report on the results of the recently closed “Manuel ti premia!” competition. Plus much more!
It’s always a Ghiottolo moment!
The delicious coffee and chocolate cake is back to satisfy even the sweetest of palates. With its unmistakable taste, it is now available in a new format with completely restyled packaging, modern and eye-catching. For a cake that turns any day of the year into party!
The history, quality, products and services of the “Coffee Specialists” in a new interactive presentation: add it to your iBooks library now.

Manuel Caffè has once again shown it is on the cutting edge, with a new initiative dedicative to sector operators and a wide-ranging public: the Manuel Caffè iBook. A digital publication packed with information, photo galleries, links and interactive widgets relative to the company and its world of coffee.

The Manuel Caffè iBook traces the story of this 100% Italian brand, which was founded in the fifties as an artisan roasting lab and has become a successful business on an international level. It also reveals the “secrets” of a real top-quality coffee, from cultivation, to roasting and packaging, also explaining how to prepare and taste a truly authentic espresso.

In addition to coffee, the iBook also presents the entire range of products selected with love and experience by the De Giusti family, which has always been at the head of this company in Conegliano Veneto: black, herbal and fruit teas, hot chocolate, "Orgoglio De Giusti" Prosecco DOC DRY or DOCG EXTRA DRY and other delicious specialities. The section dedicated to Spazio Caffè is especially interesting for “those in the business”. This is an original concept for contemporary style coffee bars, dedicated to the pleasure of coffee and quality of life, with successful examples in Italy, Europe and the United States.

There is also the entire collection of Pausa magazines, another Manuel Caffè initiative, here in its digital version, easy to read on an iPad anywhere, anytime. The Manuel Caffè iBook is therefore a user-friendly yet innovative tool, helping to give a better idea about this company and experience all the flavours, not just organoleptic, but also cultural of a truly excellent coffee.

Download the Manuel Caffè iBook free at this link: IBOOK MANUEL CAFFE
happy reading!
Welcome back, Pausa!
The new issue of Pausa is out, with lots of articles and interesting news for both professionals and customers. From the special dedicated to the evolution of the SpazioCaffè format to the cultural process dedicated to coffee, with focus on extraction and drying of the bean. Plus: exclusive reports, tips for improving your business, suggestions for the summer and, big new entry – the first Manuel Caffè online competition.
The birth of Orgoglio Extra-Dry
Summer’s coming and Manuel invites you to raise a glass to welcome it with a new bubbly. Orgoglio Extra-Dry prosecco superiore is the latest product from the splendid De Giusti wineries in Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. Presented in an elegant new box, with a drier more decisive flavour than the DRY version, it is a DOCG wine that is perfect as an aperitif and excellent for accompanying special occasions.
The birth of the new Caldo Aroma capsules.
Handy single doses in lots of flavours and natural essences: vanilla, hazelnut, barley, ginseng, chocolate and lemon tea. Plenty of choice to satisfy the widest variety of tastes. The perfect way to take a welcome pampering relaxing break, enjoying your favourite drinks. A must try!
Magazine Pausa - issue 2
Online and in bars and coffee shops, here is the new issue of Pausa, with even more content for enjoyable reading. It starts with a report on the Conegliano roasting factory, offering a close-up look at the company. And then, did you know that there are new SpazioCaffè coffee shops in America and that Manuel teas have been filled with wonder? That blends now also come in single doses and in pods, for great espressos at home? Or that Manuel has some delicious ideas for your Christmas gifts? So read and enjoy and we’ll see you with the next issue!
The arrival of Caffettuosi
The best Manuel coffee. Plus milk, flour, butter, eggs and sugar. Just simple ingredients and traditional baking in a wood-fired oven following an ancient recipe from the Dolomites. The genuine goodness of Caffettuosi, the new Manuel Caffè heart-shaped biscuits, hides no other secrets. Bliss to bite into and delicious when dunked, they are marvellous in milk, scrumptious in cappuccino and excellent in espresso. Caffettuosi: perfect as presents or for yourself, a real treat given with love.
Magazine Pausa
Pausa, the new magazine from Manuel Caffè is a nice, useful tool to bring the company closer to bars and restaurants and their clients. From interviews and reportage about the company, focus on product news, business opportunities and in-depth cultural analysis, Pausa caters both for professionals as well as just coffee lovers. The paper version will be distributed twice a year to Manuel partner coffee shops, and will also be available here on the website, in pdf. To receive a copy, send us e-mail to:
A splendid CAPRICCIO

The moon-like silver of its name stands out against the midnight black background. This is the evening dress chosen for CAPRICCIO, the 70% Arabica blend with intense hints of cocoa. The packaging devised for this refined Manuel creation holds in all the vibrant aroma and adds the polished gleam of the tin. An elegant sophisticated guise with clever chiaroscuro effects, appearing and disappearing into the dark like a moth.   

Orgoglio De Giusti
The first warm weather, the first dinners al fresco, the first evenings spent outside. The first glass raised to welcome the summer. Orgoglio De Giusti prosecco is the natural choice. A DOC wine from the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, as sparkling as laughter and the same golden colour as sand on the beach. Excellent at the start of a buffet or as an accompaniment for sophisticated dishes, Orgoglio is good to savour, lovely to look at and perfect as a gift.
Hot chocolates for mum
What does tenderness taste like? Like a round, smooth, welcoming cup of hot chocolate. Manuel Caffé ideas for your first true love on Mother’s Day: 18 variations on the beloved theme of cocoa, each one for a different kind of mother. ‘Strawberry flavour’ is what you need for a youthful fun lady. ‘Mint flavour’ for an astute appealing personality. ‘Orange and cinnamon flavour’ for the sophisticated yummy mummy. You decide the others!
A taste of spring
Anything but boring. The sweet scent of expectation. For a mouth-watering velvety Easter, follow your nose and choose one of the many herbal and fruit teas by Manuel Caffè. 11 quintessential graceful flavours, all ready to delight your palate and envelop you with their aroma.  From the dusky woods of “Blueberry and rosehip”, to the gentle country fields of “Apple” and the clear penetrating fragrance of “Mint”. Take your first sip and make a wish.
Creamy delight
Can delicious creaminess be condensed into a tiny delicacy? Try a Manuel Caffè milk Chocolate and find out. Lovely to look at it, essential and elegant in its wrapping that matches the new Manuel advertising and naturally good, the finest chocolate made with only traditional ingredients and a minimum cocoa content of 30%. Manuel Caffè milk Chocolates are a drop of sweetness that nobody can resist.
Exquisite blends
Two exclusive recipes, two unmistakable aromas, two cups of coffee to savour in your local bar. Degusto for lovers of 100% Arabica: roasted single-origin with an aftertaste of flowers, citrus and distant flavours. And Capriccio for gourmet taste: an intense creamy blend with an all-enveloping body and strong hint of cocoa. Both beautifully presented in special packaging that preserves their fragrance and makes them stand out from the crowd. Look them out, order them, taste them. 
Christmas Panettone
Have you already thought about your Christmas gifts? Ghiottolo is the perfect present, its three cores of dark chocolate melted in coffee, dark sweet drops that release their flavour on your lips to mix with the soft golden cake. The body of the coffee embraces all the sweetness of the traditional recipe in a full-bodied provocative taste experience. All in a fabulous gift-wrapped package. Sink your knife into it. And enjoy, eyes tightly shut.